About Us

Our Story

Jose Roa was born in a small town on the east of the Dominican Republic. At the age of 7, I would spend a few hours every day with my aunt Carmen as she was the seamstress of the town. I loved seeing her putting together the clothes for her costumers. In 1984 after I graduated from high school my mother decided to bring me to this lovely country to go to college in New Jersey. At that time I went to school and worked as a singer in a Merengue band but I had some inconveniences on finding original clothes to wear for my performances in the band. Then 4 years later I meet my wife of 33 years today, at that time she had some experience in sewing from high school and we decided to buy a machine to start making our projects. Shortly after that, I started to work for a luxury suit company and also worked together with an old Italian master tailor learning lots of tailoring techniques. I also worked through the years with different luxury brand suit companies and at the same time making custom garments for my clients. Wanting more time for my clients I decided to form our company ZASTRES SARTORIAL AND TAILORS OF ORLANDO.

world’s finest bespoke artisans are on your doorstep—all you have to do is Book with time.

We Understand Requirements

.Craftsmanship is evident in all of our suits, blazers, and shirts. To achieve optimal comfort and fit, only natural, soft, supple and lightweight materials are used

We Work Precisely

We precisely measure your body form and create a garment that fits perfectly

We Deliver Best Output

Fastest turnaround times, great service and quality workmanship, all at fair prices

We Provide The Best Service In Industry